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Lead ammo used for hunting can put eagles that feed on scraps at risk

image by kathy2408 on pixabay.com

Birds of prey often feed off of deer carcasses, or scraps left behind by hunters. But if you use lead ammunition, it could give them lead poisoning. Officials from REGI spoke about the impact that it can have on birds.

Founder and Director Marge Gibson said, "Lead is a toxin, and it causes organ failure, it can cause neurologic symptoms, and really many of the things that cause death."

She said that since gun deer season kicked off, they've already had to treat two eagles for lead poisoning. She said that another thing working against the birds, is the weather.

Gibson said, "What happens is hunters gut their deer in the woods, which is appropriate, that's what they're supposed to do, but we don't have snow right now, so it's not covered by snow, and so it's available, and bald eagles are scavengers."

She said that there is a different kind of ammo that is less dangerous to birds, and more effective for hunters. Gibson said, "The best step would be to use copper ammunition. It's not a matter of not hunting, it's a matter of simply using a safer ammunition. Safer for wildlife and for your own family as a matter of fact."

She said that while copper may be more expensive, she says it's worth it to keep birds out of trouble.

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