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Legislators Get Money Restored To Budget

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State Representative Rob Swearingen joined several legislators last week to get additional money for Forest county law enforcement and for domestic violence victims.

Swearingen joined with fellow Republican Jeff Mursau of Crivitz to restore funding for additional law enforcement near tribal casinos. He says the county has two Native American casinos at the eastern and western most points...

"....in previous budgets they've been allocated $300,000 in law enforcement funds. The Attorney General's office in this last budget wanted the legislature to readdress that money to make sure it was still a need for Forest county...and of course, it certainly was..."

Another effort led to an additional $1.25 million statewide for domestic violence service programs.....

"....got together with a group of legislators who are concerned about domestic violence in rural parts of the state. So much of that money is shifted to larger (urban) areas. Clearly we have those issues up here. We're requesting an extra $1.25 million and Joint Finance agreed with our position...."

The budget-writing Joint Finance Committee is composed of legislators from both the Assembly and Senate with Republicans in the majority. After the committee is done with putting the draft budget together for the next two years, the documents will go to the full legislature which could change it again. Governor Walker also has a veto before he signs the final bill.