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Forest Co. Defendant Enters Plea

Natalie Jablonski

One of six young men arrested for a February, 2012 incident where a Wausau man was stabbed  at a Mole Lake residence has been sentenced to prison.

21-year-old Trevor Lenz of Milwaukee accepted a plea bargain in Forest County court. Lenz had been charged with six counts, including party to the crime of attempted first-degree homicide. District Attorney Charles Siminio  said Lenz was less involved in the incident than the other members of the Latin Kings gang.

"He was not an active participant to the beating that occurred upstairs, he was isolated downstairs with the other individual, a 17 year old pregnant girl. His main activities truly were for the crimes for which he was now convicted..."

In the plea, Simino dropped four charges including attempted homicide, in exchange for a guilty plea to false imprisonment of the young woman and battery. The young woman was tied up by Lenz, but she escaped from the basement. The male victim she was with, a 34-year-old Wausau man, was savagely beaten and stabbed before he escaped out a window as part of an effort to send a message.

Substitute Judge Patrick O'Melia said Lenz otherwise had a clean record, but the aggravated nature of his crime led him to sentence Lenz to three years in prison and three years extended supervision. He was credited for nearly a year in the county jail. Most of the other defendants have been sentenced to prison for the incident.