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Social Services Report Said To Be "Heartbreaking"


An annual report filed by the Oneida County Department of Social Services has stirred one board member to call portions of the report..."heartbreaking".

During last week's county board meeting, Carol Pederson, a member of the county Social Services committee said after reading the detailed report...

".....to think there is so much dysfunction in families in our county breaks my heart. But I'm very proud with what the Department of Social Services is doing...."

Supervisor Tom Rudolph said the costs concerning youth programs was surprising...

"....what this is costing Oneida county taxpayers in terms of out of home placements and so on...I'm particularly interested in what particular efforts have been put into the early prevention and intervention programs..."


In the report, 171 child neglect cases were investigated, 64 physical abuse cases, 59 sexual abuse cases and others totaling 305 investigations. In three years from 2010-2012, the county paid nearly a million dollars for out of home placements for children

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