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Realtors Want Exception to Oneida Co. Sign Ordinance

National Association of Realtors

The Northwoods Realtors Association would like Oneida county to loosen it's rules about signs on roadways. But that proposal is opposed by one government body, and met with skepticism by another.

The county controls signage through ordinance. Small signs pointing to a spot are allowed, but the realtors would like to display larger off-premis directional arrows to properties for sale.

At the county Planning and Development meeting, the proposal was met with opposition from committee member and realtor Jack Sorenson...

"....legally, are we opening the Pandora's Box for some other group to come in 'well, you let the realtors have it, why can't we have it?'"

Realtor Brenda Thompson from Minocqua felt the committee wasn't being fair and could drive business away. Sorenson debated that point...

"....(Thompson)..if we don't want people here, then say it. If we don't want people here...(Sorenson)...that is a stretch young lady, from going from(discussing direction signs) to we don't want businesses here?"

Minocqua Town Chairman Mark Hartzheim wrote a letter saying the town opposed a loosening of the regulations.

The matter will return to an upcoming committee meeting.

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