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OC Government Boards Seeking Faster Internet

U-W Extension

The city of Rhinelander and the Oneida county board this week each passed resolutions hoping to jump start this region as a high-speed internet hot spot.

The county board resolved as a goal to make the county home to the best broadband opportunities of any rural county in Wisconsin. Later that day, the Rhinelander city council passed a similar resolution. The county board directed a committee to act as a conduit to Oneida County Economic Development for these matters.

UW-Extension Community Resource Development agent Tim Brown says the action sets a benchmark....

"...(the resolution) shows that they value the Internet. They know it's an important engine for economic growt, an important means of achieving economic growth. They realize connection to the internet is essential to our county..."

Brown says the action sets a precedent...?

"...the resolution officially empowered the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation to brainstorm solutions to our connection problems, to think of ways to improve our service and to bring ideas back to county board through the Administration commmittee...."

Some areas in Oneida county, such as Rhinelander and Minocqua, have high-speed internet. Other areas have slow dial-up access or none at all. Three Lakes is another town that has worked to have broadband access for most town residents.

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