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Alsteens Declared Competent To Stand Trial

A Rhinelander man charged with attempted homicide has been found competent to stand trial.

23 year old Marcus Alsteens was arrested August 12 after a relative had allegedly been shot  at Alsteens' Rhinelander home.

State psychologist Dr. Michael Galli interviewed Alsteens at the request of the Public Defender's office to determine his ability to understand proceedings to help in his own defense. Public Defender Maggie Hogan agreed with Galli's findings...


"essentially at this point we will stipulate to the entry of Dr. Galli's report and at this point we would request the court set a preliminary hearing..."

Oneida County Circuit Judge Patrick O'Melia said Dr. Galli felt Alsteens could stand trial...


"...he evalutates for various illnesses and he comes to the conclusion that while he may be a challenge to represent, he is competent to assist in his own defense...."

The next hearing for Alsteens was set for September 24.

Court documents allege a spat with the relative accelerated to violence. Alsteens was later apprehended by law enforcement outside of Eagle River. Besides attempted first-degree homicide, Alsteens is charged with aggravated battery, and injury by neglegent use of a weapon.