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Bill Would Allow Bake Goods To Be Sold Like "Pickle Bill"


Four years ago the Wisconsin legislature loosened restrictions on selling canning at places like Farmer's Markets. It was called the "Pickle Bill". Now a move is on to allow baked goods to be sold in a similar way.

The Assembly's Small Business Development Committee heard testimony this week on a bill allowing the selling of homemade baked goods like breads, muffins and cookies without the usual permit.

If the bill becomes law, some regulations would remain...says Raechelle (ray-shell)Cline, a spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Division of Food Safety...


"...this bill would allow a person to receive up to $10,000 per year from the sale of this particular food item..."

Refrigeration would not be a requirement....


"....the current law allows for these products to be sold at community or social events or a Farmer's Market. This bill replaces that bill with requirements that the sales be face-to-face sales with consumers..."

About three-dozen lawmakers from both parties are co-sponsoring the measure.