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Missing Woman's Remains Found; Cause of Death TBD

Vilas County authorities are still waiting to determine cause of death for a woman whose remains were found in the woods last week. 55-year-old Sandra Schinke of Sayner went missing in 17 months ago in the Northern Highland Forest.  Vilas County Sheriff Joe Fath says forensic evidence helped make the positive ID.

“The teeth were intact in the jaw at the scene as part of the remains. So we utilized a forensic anthropologist and dental records that we had obtained from Mr. Schinke when his wife went missing.”

Fath says authorities are still waiting for tests to come back from the state crime lab that should clarify how Schinke died.  He says even though deputies couldn’t find her when she disappeared, he’s not surprised that evidence eventually turned up.

“Based on not being able to find her with a search and rescue team, with the ground crew or with canines, very possibly she was going to be found by somebody hunting in the area and making some observation.”

A hunter spotted a jacket and shoe September 16th that led to the discovery of the remains a few days later, on Thursday.

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