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Assembly Endorses 70 MPH Limit

State lawmakers in the Assembly have passed a bill allowing a higher speed limit on rural interstates.  The bill introduced by Republican Paul Tittl raises the cap on speeds to 70 miles per hour on some roads, up from 65. 

The bill says 4-lane interstates could one day have the higher limit, but only after the DOT does a one-year study of safety impacts.

Many Democrats in the state assembly complained the bill was fast-tracked to a scheduled vote.  Representative Fred Kessler of Milwaukee said key voices were missing from the bill’s public hearing.

“I would have expected the highway department, department of transportation to make an appearance. The county sheriffs to make an appearance. Triple A to make an appearance. And it appears that none of those groups let us know what their feelings are.”

In response Representative Tittl said the reason so few people were at the public hearing is that it the bill isn’t lobbyist-driven or controversial. 

It now heads to the Senate.

Audio from this story gathered courtesy of Wisconsin Eye.

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