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Rhinelander Holds Line On City Budget


A higher than expected city assessed value  has helped the Rhinelander city council  keep a flat property tax level and also help its depleted general fund.

The council passed an option which holds city taxpayers bills flat for the city's portion of the bill. But after the state reported in with the city's property value, it enabled the council to still hold the tax rate the same, but helped the city replenish a depleted general fund. The fund had been tapped during the recession to keep tax increases down.

City Administrator Blaine Oborn...

"....what that means is by the assessed value going up you can actually keep the rate the same and assess more..."

City spending in 2010 was $8.7 million and for 2014  it's $8.6 million or roughly the same for the last five years. The cost to a homeowner with $100,000 in property is unchanged from last year.

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