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Family Returns Religious Appeal to Oneida County

The appeals continue for a family hoping to build a religious camp and meeting facility on Squash Lake west of Rhinelander.

The Jaros family has been denied by  federal courts in their attempts to get the needed permits from Oneida county to build the Eagle Cove Camp and Conference Center. Most recently, the federal 7th Circuit Courrt of Appeals in Chicago denied a petition by the family to overturn a federal judge's decision from Wisconsin, also denying the needed permits. The family had been denied at the county level and took the matter to U.S. District Court in Madison.

Late Wednesday, the family began a parallel appeal in the state of Wisconsin court system. The new appeal begins in Oneida County Circuit Court in Rhinelander then through the state Third District Court of Appeals to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Arthur Jaros indicated the possibility of asking the U.S. Supreme Court to consider the appeal is also on the table. The federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has been petitioned to reconsider its affirmation of the Western District of Wisconsin's denial of the Jaros claim.

The family began nearly a decade ago to build a religiously-themed camp on family property on Squash Lake. The original proposal evolved into the larger Eagle Cove Camp and Conference Center. The town of Woodboro, Oneida County and its Board of Adjustment all have denied needed permits. The family claims the governments have denied their federally-assured religious freedom by zoning action, in violation of a specific federal law. The governments claim the proposed facility does not meet requirements to authorize the permits.

The review was filed Wednesday.

Update 11/29: This will be the first appearance of this case in Oneida County Circuit Court. It has been before the Oneida County Board of Adjustment, but not Oneida County Circuit Court.

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