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State Supreme Court To Hear Voter ID Law


A Harshaw resident will have a seat in the courtroom Tuesday as the state Supreme Court hears the Voter ID case.

In October, 2011, the Wisconsin League of Women Voters filed suit saying the Wisconsin legislature violated the Sufferage Act of the state constitution.

The League feels the legislature wrongly enacted a law saying you had to have an identification to vote. They felt the new law could disenfranchise residents even if they were qualified to vote. Two other groups also filed suit. The League won an injunction to halt the law in 2012. The League's case was overturned on appeal but will be heard Tuesday before the state Supreme Court in Madison.

Jane Trotter is a spokesperson for the League of Women Voters of the Northwoods. She says you need an ID to register, but after that point, needing an ID to vote when registered likely violates the state Constitution...


"....so people will say 'you need an ID to drive, you need an ID to drive...what's the problem?' Those things are privileges, but voting is a right...."

Trotter feels the law creates a new voting category, contrary to the Constitution. She says you don't forfeit your right to vote just because you don't have an ID.