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Sen. Johnson Says Ukraine Trip To Support Protestors


  Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson joined Senate colleague John McCain and others this past weekend on a fact-finding tour to Ukraine. Tensions have been high as the nation has been divided as to bend it's loyalty toward Europe, or to neighboring Russia.
During an interview with WXPR last week, Johnson says they hope to find out what the people are feeling...

"....I'm certain to confirm what I'm hearing...as we've spoken to their new Prime Minister and other people from Ukraine. Another primary reason is to show a pretty strong and bipartisan level of support of that courage..."

Johnson says on this issue it's important for the country to speak with one voice.
Republican McCain and Democratic Senator Christopher Murphy, who is chairman of the Senate's European subcommittee, traveled to Ukraine's capital.. Kiev.. in December. They addressed anti-government demonstrators during protests that helped lead to the ouster of former President Viktor Yanukovich.

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