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More Study For Smaller OC Board, County Administrator


  As a parting move, Oneida County Board Supervisor Jerry Shidell offered two resolutions to hire a County Administrator and cut the size of the county board from 21 members to 9.
When the board sent both resolutions back to committee to study, Libertarian Shidell felt the move summarized why he was not running for re-election next month...

"....I'm always fascinated by the do-nothing-ness of this committee and this county board. It's one of the reasons I want to have only 9 members and have a county administrator so decisions are made, not delayed...."

Shidell asked what operation with a $50 million dollar budget didn't have a chief operating officer. A majority of the board felt the matter was worth looking at again. The county had a coordinator position, but eliminated it several years ago. 
Supervisor David Hintz leads the Administration committee and favored looking at both resolutions, but felt more input was needed..

"....I do think they have some merit, both proposals, but we do have to get input, and one way is through a survey. We have public hearings on relatively minor adjustments in Planning and (Development). This is certainly way beyond a minor adjustment in how we operate the county...."

Shidell feared the matters would die in committee, and tacked on an amendment saying the committee had to report back to the county board no later than August on both requests. The board approved that also.

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