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Walker Signs "Blueprint For Prosperity", Tours Northwoods


  Governor Scott Walker Monday stopped in Eagle River after signing his economic package.
Governor Walker says he's on no tight timetable to make a decision whether to allow a multi-million dollar casino complex in Kenosha that is opposed by the Forest County Potawatomi Community.
Walker told reporters the federal government took nine years to move forward on the Menominee tribe proposal at the former Dairyland Greyhound Park..

".....we're in a protracted process that could take as long as a year and a half, not as long as the nine years the federal government gave it...where we're trying to balance the need for the interest for jobs in one part of the state, at the same time not losing jobs in other parts, whether it's Milwaukee(county) Forest(county) or Sauk(county) or even Dane county where other tribal operations are at...."

When asked about the increased number of walleyes declared by state Chippewa tribes for the spring spearing season, Governor Walker didn't comment on the number, but focused on the increased number of fish being planted under the Walleye Initiative...

"....we're putting in more than 440,000 walleye. Why? Because we know not just for natural resources and important to tourism, so we'll continue to up those numbers, work with (state) fish hatcheries as well as the private market to make sure we have plenty of fish in all of our lakes...."

A bill criminalizing first offense drunk driving did not make it to Governor Walker's desk, but he says the repeat drunk drivers were more of a concern....

"....across the state in the legislature, there's probably some concern about first time(DUI), that's a legitimate concern folks have... but bigger issues, some parts you see people who have had 6,7,8 times or more(DUI's), it's just ridiculous. I think that has been the focus in the capitol and it will be going forward...."

Walker was touring the state to talk about signing his tax reform measure the "Blue Print For Prosperity"....

"...effective today, we've exceeded the $2 billion dollar mark in reducing taxes in this state....with our signing the Blueprint For Prosperity taxes have gone down over the past three years has gone down $2 billion. For property taxes alone that means a typical homeowner this December will see property taxes $100 lower than they were last year..."

The bill also returns money from a more than $1 billion dollar budget surplus.  The tax relief, including property tax returns,  will average about $700 dollars per property owner.
We'll have Democratic reaction Tuesday.

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