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Vander Puy Responds To Sen. Tiffany's Voting Complaint

Natalie Jablonski

A member of the Harvest Camp near the proposed Gogebic Taconite mine in Iron county says he went through the proper process to vote as a homeless person.

Thursday, State Senator Tom Tiffany filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Board and Attorney General, saying Nick Vander Puy allegedly improperly voted in the town of Anderson on April 1.

Vander Puy says the complaint is without merit....

"....I applied to vote in Iron county. I brought in identification. I was directed by the people at the booth to go to Hurley and go to Social Services to get certified as a homeless person because I had no physical street address. But I had been living in the town of Anderson full-time since summer, so I did that , it took me seven hours..."

Vander Puy questioned Tiffany's action...

"....that upset Mr. Tiffany because I guess because I guess homeless people aren't supposed to vote in the early part of the 21st century...."

When asked what he is going to do now, he replied with sarcasm, saying he would run for sheriff and vote on "Mars, and (he) would vote in the 13 other precincts around Mellen". He says the opposition sees them as squatters and again replied with sarcasm....

"....hobos are on the move. I mean we're...they see us as Indian squatters who have no right to vote in the early 21st century. I guess I will have to stuff those ballot boxes all over this territory...."

Vander Puy completed his sarcastic response this way...

"....if the state A.G.(Van Hollen) comes up here I would like to settle it by fist fighting,or at least have a lacrosse game up on the mountain. I wouldn't mind personally having a World Wrestling Federation fight with the Senator from Tomahawk...."

Vander Puy says Tiffany's complaint has generated a large amount of free publicity for the Harvest Camp and what they are doing.

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