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Electors To Vote On Torpy Park Pavilion

Electors in Minocqua will need to vote on building a smaller pavilion at Torpy Park proposed by the Minocqua Lions Club.

At a meeting last month, more than 150 people met with the town board to discuss building the pavilion at the park. The original proposal was 56 feet by 96 feet and would have required the removal of up to 13 older trees. Complaints centered on taking away a Northwoods legacy for a large building. The Lions felt a larger pavilion was needed to take care of large crowds such as during Beef-A-Rama.

Recently the town board approved a downsized building requiring less space as Town Chair Mark Hartzheim explains...

".....a 30 by 80 pavilion in the upper level of Torpy Park. This is 55 percent smaller than the original proposal. It fits in a natural opening up there. Sort of an ideal position for a pavilion for having the least impact on the environment... and also the most useability...."

Hartzheim says the new proposal would require the removal of one tree. The town is required to hold a meeting of the electors to approve this type of construction.

The electors meeting is set for June 26 at 6 p.m. in the Community Building gymnasium. All residents of the town of Minocqua can participate and vote on the proposal.

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