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Judge Praises Oneida Co.'s New Courtroom


High praise from a Northwoods circuit court judge about Oneida county's new courtroom.

Oneida county took space on the first floor and converted the area into a modern courtroom, replacing a tiny room which often served as the third courtroom in the courthouse. Visiting judges were often packed into the small room.

Judge Neal Nielsen from Vilas county is also Chief Judge of the 9th Judicial District, including  12 north-central counties...

"....I'm here today because a letter from me would not be adequate to express our appreciation for the work this county board has done in creating a new courtroom and hearing room on the first floor. It's a tremendous job...."

Judge Nielsen says the former room had poor accommodations for prosecutors, lawyers , their clients, the public, and the judge and staff. He says in tough budget times, the county found the resources to make a courtroom that is well-suited for judicial needs. He says courtroom security in the other room was a major concern...

".....the room has excellent security features. I'm always hesitant to talk about what those are or how court security works in a public setting. We're very happy with the security features that the room incorporates...."

Nielsen says the facility has a way of digitally recording some proceedings where a court reporter is not necessary to make transcripts which will help make the system more efficient.
Judge Nielsen was the first to hear a case in the room in late May.