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Crandon Mayor to Face Single Challenger in Recall Election

Natalie Jablonski

There will be just two candidates to choose from when Crandon residents vote in a recall election for mayor on Tuesday July 29th

Citing political differences, a citizen gathered over 200 signatures on a petition asking for a recall of Crandon Mayor Rob Jaeger.

But there was some confusion as to whether it would actually happen, when last week the City Council voted not to call for an election.

Spokesperson for the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Reid Magney says it wasn’t optional. 

“State law says that the governing body, meaning the city Council, shall call an election. It’s not a choice whether or not they want to – it says that they shall do that.”

Three days after its initial vote, the city council held an emergency meeting and called for an election, despite one member still voting no. 

Tuesday July 1st was the deadline for candidates to file with the city clerk’s office.  The incumbent mayor is automatically on the ballot, along with candidate Dennis Rosa. 

Crandon City Clerk Cindy Bradley says she’s not aware of this kind of recall ever happening in Crandon before, but she notes that mayoral terms have only recently been extended to four years. 

“This is the first term for the mayor that is a four year term. That makes a difference, if you were going to do a recall on a 2-year term, it wouldn’t really be worth it.”

Recalls can’t happen until at least a year of the elected official’s term has passed. 

Bradley says if a challenger wins the election, that person would take office immediately after filing paperwork and signing the oath of office.

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