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Vilas Committee Signs Off On Phelps ATV Request


In 2004, Vilas county voters said they did not want the county to allow ATV trails on county lands and forests. Two years ago, the town of Phelps approved an ordinance allowing the ATV's on town roads, but needed approval by Vilas county to use county road "A", a key route. The county board rejected Phelps' request then.  Recently the town board approved a similar request as the one two years ago and again forwarded it to Vilas county.

One of two Vilas county committees has approved the town's request and sent it onto the other.

Forestry, Recreation and Land Committee Chair Steven Doyen outlined the proposal to the committee...

"...if we want to support the Phelps ATV ordinance, we could approve it or accept it as far as the ordinance goes, it just we have to work with the Highway department because it's a route....not a trail..."

There was no discussion about the Phelps proposal other than to approve the request and move it to the Highway committee. All members voted to move the matter to the Highway committee.. Doyen indicated the two committees will have a joint meeting to talk about the issue, but no schedule is set for that meeting.
The regular Highway Committee meeting is scheduled for July 10, and the Vilas county board meeting this month is set for July 22 at 6:30 p.m.  

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