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School Safety Key Education Issue: WEAC Leader


Increased safety following the many tragic incidents at schools across the nation is a priority,  says a state teacher's union leader.

A Racine physical education teacher, Betsy Kippers in President of the Wisconsin Education Association Council. Speaking from a national meeting last week, Kippers says educators across the country want to find workable safety solutions, but were disappointed Congress didn't act....

 "we're very disappointed the U.S. Senate failed to pass any type of comprehensive school safety legislation considering what is happening around the nation...."

Congress revived the gun control debate which essentially ended any talk of helping schools cope with shootings.

Kippers says educators have some ideas...

"....so many people talk about fun control and that is not where we need to go. We need to make sure our students that have issues with mental illness or other struggling issues are dealt with and given the social services network to support them..."

She says much of the violence in school is from an unstable home environment, including families with high poverty and other issues.

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