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New Drill Hole Requests At Proposed Penokee Mine Site


Gogebic Taconite has filed a request with the state to renew two exploratory drilling permits for the Penokee Hills mine site.

DNR hydrologist Larry Lynch says the company has filed paperwork to renew their exploration licenses....

"....one of the renewal applications included provisions to drill six more exploration bore holes on the site. We also received a revised stormwater permit application and that application is to cover road improvement on the site....."

Lynch says the company would like to upgrade one road and provide better drainage so they have improved access during baselline data collection.

In addition to the renewal request, G-Tac has asked for six new drillling sites. He estimated how much land is disturbed with each drill hole...

"....probably on the order of 40 feet square, so 40 x 40, the drill sites are along existing roadway. They're not doing any additional clearing. They basically will pull the rig in, set up on the road and drill the hole...."

 Lynch says for the exploration license renewals, action is needed by next week. For the storm water permit application, they have up to 30 days.

Gogebic Taconite has proposed exploring in a four-mile area located east of Mellen in eastern Ashland and west-central Iron counties

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