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Oneida County Voters Will Weigh in on Question Over Federal Medicaid Dollars

The Oneida County Board voted in favor of an advisory referendum…asking voters whether the state should accept federal dollars for Medicaid. 

At Tuesday’s meeting County Board Supervisor Bob Mott said the issue had already been thoroughly debated.

“We are not looking for a debate today, we’re simply saying, does the county board support allowing people in Oneida County to express their opinion on whether the state should or should not accept federal moneys?”

Twelve other counties have already called for the same referendum this November. 

Former Supervisor Candy Sorenson said nearly ten organizations had contacted the county board to voice their support for the referendum.

“I have a number of organizations that have contacted the county in support of allowing a democratic process to proceed with a referendum on the November ballot. I hope you will consider these people and organizations, like the farmers’ union, are some of the most dependent on Medicaid and Badgercare”

County Health Department Director Linda Conlon said claiming the federal funds would help 684 parents and childless adults in Oneida county who are currently without insurance to get access to Badgercare.

Several supervisors expressed reluctance to vote for the resolution, on the basis that the issue was too complicated to understand, and that a referendum on the November ballot might be construed as a political move to bring out partisan voters.

The resolution to put the question on the ballot passed 14 to 6.  

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