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McCabe Says The Public Needs To Form A "First Party"

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A new book calls for the forming of not a third political party, but what the author calls a "First Party" to bring about reforms to what he calls a broken political system.

Mike McCabe is Executive Director of the non-partisan  watchdog group Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. His book is called "Blue Jeans in High Places: The Coming Make Over of American Politics". McCabe says he senses a majority of Americans have become discontented with government run by both major political parties...

"....every corner of this state I've run into people who are feeling politically homeless. They feel both major parties are failing us and they're very frustrated with the way politics works today and particularly the role of money in politics...."

McCabe says he did extensive research into other eras like the current one where money dictated over the will of the people. He says politicians have divided allegiances, with the votes on one hand, and a minority of large donors on the other who have agendas. He says it is true of both political parties. But he says in the 1870's...similar to now...the public found ways to rise up against organized money and defeat it. He says the book is designed to show ways to defeat the growing political cynicism. He says third party movements have all ended up in dead ends, be it Ross Perot or Ralph Nader.

He says many are simply walking away from politics. But he says he would like to see a "First Party" movement...

"....the goal needs to not create three or more parties, but to create one that truly owes it's allegiance to the people. That's what I call a "First Party" movement. It's not a new idea. It's something that hasn't been tried in our lifetimes...."

McCabe says his research found the face of politics in America changed in the 1800's when the public moved toward reform and his book is how that strategy could be adapted to the current political climate. He classified the current political climate as "stuck in a rut".

His book is available through Little Creek Press in Mineral Point or Amazon.com