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State Aids Drop For Many Northwoods Schools

Northland Pines School District

The impact of dwindling state school aids in the Northwoods is shown in a recent Department of Public Instruction report.

Many  schools received substantial hits in revenue.

Rhinelander schools saw their aid drop $565,000 to just over $3 million dollars, the sixth highest percentage drop in the report. Wabeno had the fourth highest percentage drop, though the dollar total was lower, at $41,000. Tomahawk lost nearly $300,000, Many districts not in the Northwoods saw their revenue increase. Three Lakes lost $9.200 and Phelps about $1,500.

At Northland Pines in Eagle River,   District Administrator Dr. Mike Richie says last year they received about $109,000 and for the current year they are scheduled to get $92,000. Richie says under the current formula, they are likely to get less state aid each year. He thinks it will eventually go to zero. He says it becomes a 'worst case scenerio"....

".....we have high property values, but we also have declining enrollment. So when you put those two together, it takes away your state aid. About the only way you can avoid that if you're a property-rich school district is you have to increase your enrollment. And because our enrollment, like many rural schools around here is declining"

Lakeland Union High School lost $10,000 this year. White Lake $69,000,  Elcho $5,000, Antigo lost $88,000.
On the other side, Hurley schools gained $312,000, Laona $81,000 and Butternut $165,000.
 220 districts saw a revenue increase, 202 saw a decrease and two with no change

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