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Heal Creek Property To Be Sold By Oneida County

Oneida county has put 272 acres of land up west of Rhinelander up for bids.

The Heal Creek property is on the east side the Northwood Golf Course, owned by the city of Rhinelander.
At one time the county invested more than $500,000 in developing what was called a 'green' industrial park, designed for light manufacturing. The park never got off the ground, and earlier this year the county board decided to sell the property.

The property contains a trout stream, Heal Creek, but has access problems. The only access at this point is through the next door Northwood Golf Course.

County Land Information Director Mike Romportl says they are posting a request for proposals....

".....inviting any interested proposal expressing their interest in the property. We would also like to ask in the proposal in a brief narrative what the intended use of the property would be and what the purchase amount they would be offering or whatever contingencies they would want in the purchase agreement...."

The deadline is January 9 bid openings on January 15. The city of Rhinelander is reported to be interested in the property, as the city council asked City Administrator Blaine Oborn to talk to the county. No asking price was listed in the information supplied by the county. Romportl says there is a posting on the Oneida countywebpage under the  icon EXTRAS which has more information or contact the Land Records office at the courthouse.

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