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Open Enrollment Period Approaches

Open enrollment begins next week for public schools in Wisconsin, meaning students can apply to go to school in a district other than the one they live within. 

Districts hope for higher enrollment, which brings more state dollars. 

Rhinelander Schools typically see more kids enroll out than come into the district.

But Superintendent Kelli Jacobi says the district does significant outreach about what enrollment can offer.

“We lose a number of students to virtual programs throughout the state, and we have a virtual program right here in the school district. So we try and introduce families to what we offer- which is working with your children at home, but having the school district help you with that.”

Last year about 55 students applied to enroll in the district, with 133 applying to enroll out. 

Statewide, almost 52,000 students participated in open enrollment. 

Families usually have to find their own transportation when enrolling kids out of their resident district. 

Wisconsin’s open enrollment period begins Monday and ends April 30th.

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