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State Budget Could Alter Who Runs Long Term Care


A little publicized portion of Governor Walker's budget will have an impact on just who administers services through Aging and Disability Resource Centers and other long term care providers.

Rhinelander has one of the ADRC's, a sort of 'one stop shop' for seniors and those with disabilities to find services. At the local ADRC's statewide, county employees give information about long term care.

Oneida County Department on Aging Director Dianne Jacobson outlines what the state budget would change...


"....the proposed budget would eliminate the county's first right of refusal to operate the ADRC's and it allows DHS the flexibility to contract instead with non-profits or private entities...."

D.H.S. is the state Department of Health Services. Jacobson says the ADRC headquartered in Rhinelander is composed of four counties and three tribal governments. ADRC's are usually relatively small units, but the new proposal would allow larger units. Jacobson says the change would restructure what has been considered a model program for distributing services.

She says the program has save the state money by having people avoid or delay having to go into expensive long term care.

Those asking for the change say the goal is for one entity to oversee all the programs, potentially improving the service. People would be given a choice of several insurance companies and could pick the company they wanted to manage their long term care.

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