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Energy Saving Projects Approved By LUHS


The Lakeland Union High School Board has selected a Milwaukee company to act as a general contractor to oversee nearly 40 projects that could save the district $65,000 in energy savings each year for the next two decades.

The district spends over $330,000 annually for electricity and natural gas bills, as well as for related maintenance.

Business Services Director Greg Kopp explains why the timing is right to do the projects:

"The reason we’re looking at doing these projects for fiscal year 16-17 is because our debt service on our field house will be gone. We will have a million dollars of debt service that will fall off the levy, so we can . . . get a lot of things done that we are going to have to do in the future anyway. Things that will save energy and operational costs. We should be able to do it and still see a reduction in the levy. So it’s a perfect time for us to do that."

Engineers from Schneider Electric will spend several weeks reviewing projects to determine costs and potential energy savings. High on the preliminary list of projects is replacing the building’s 23-year-old boiler. Lighting replacement and plugging exterior air leaks are also listed.

Kopp said Monday he expects to negotiate an energy audit contract with Schneider Electric within a week.

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