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City of Rhinelander Debuts New Website


Many local governments use a state of Wisconsin-based website for things like meeting notices and general information.

The city of Rhinelander has moved toward their own website that is hoped to be more user-friendly. City Administrator Kristina Aschenbrenner says the new website is designed to provide more flexibility...

"....the new website iswww.rhinelandercityhall.org We launched in February 1st. One of our main reasons was to have control over the website. We were working through the state and it limited the flexibility of what we had to put on there...."

She says it is a start but it should improve as the months go by...

".....it's going to be an on-going process. We have our basic information out there now. So if someone needs basic contact information or directions to city hall or meeting agendas, those things are on there now. We're going to be looking at continuously updating...."

Aschenbrenner says the minutes and agendas will still be there. They will have updated pages such when they want to announce a run-water notice or leaf and garbage pickup dates. She says they also can take emails if they want to get a newsletter or alerts. Eventually they would like to get into mapping, such as maps of the parks, trails and other opportunities.

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