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Oneida, Lincoln County Boards Say "Just Fix It"


Oneida and Lincoln recently became the next two counties signing off on a resolution to fix the broken state transportation funding system. Called 'Just Fix It' the resolution is meant to urge Governor Walker and the legislature to figure out a way to get adequate funding to rural road systems, among others roads.

Oneida County Highway Commissioner Bruce Stefonek said road builders and the Wisconsin Counties Association began passing the resolution to counties in hopes of impressing Madison with local government frustration.

Oneida County Supervisor Robb Jensen said the status quo on road funding won't work...

".....I think what this resolution is saying is how the state wants to (fix the problem) is up to them, but do something, just don't keep doing the same old, same old, because we're going to continue to fall farther behind...."

Supervisor Bob Mott had inserted in the resolution a line to ask that the funds be fairly distributed...

".....Oneida county pays in about $90 million in taxes and we get back $43 million. Somewhere in that $40 million dollars you think we can get back some money for Oneida county's towns and county roads...."

Wisconsin has the 15th highest gas tax at 32 cents per gallon. Pennsylvania has the highest at 51 cents per gallon. Governor Walker said recently as talks have progressed on the next state budget, he would be working to put more money into roads.

Majority Republicans in the legislature are reportedly split on how to fix a hole in the transportation budget.

Public meetings about road funding is set for September 29 at 7:00 p.m. in 71 counties. In Oneida county it's at the Hazelhurst town hall. In Vilas county it's at Eagle River City Hall. A link to the list is here.

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