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Many State Records Now Available Locally

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The new year means it's likely easier to get some of your vital records.

Oneida County Register of Deeds Kyle Franson says  legislation last year allows for county officials to get most records online, even if you you weren't born in a certain county.

Say you need a birth certificate....

"....if you were born in a separate county, so if you were born in Rhinelander, and in Oneida County, and you were born in Dane county, you would be able to come into our office and be able to apply for that and fill out an application. Then we would have to run the application through the state system and be able to print that for the individual...."

The new law allows the Register of Deeds offices the ability to issue records of birth, death, marriage and divorce decrees from all other counties if the records are in the statewide vital records system. Franson says not all records are available online, as there are some restrictions based on issuance dates.

More information on the new system is available at your local Register of Deeds office.

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