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Dog Park One Step Closer To Approval


The Rhinelander City Council will decide next month whether a city park will be the site of a new dog park.

A city committee this week sent to the full council a proposal to put the park at the south entrance of Pioneer Park on the city's south side.

Tina Werres has been promoting having a park for over a decade. She says some financial backing helped...

"....last summer we received an anonymous donation of $10,000. When I announced that, that spurred Foster and Smith on. Since they became PETCO they always intended to help the dog park situation but just hadn't done it yet. So now I have two very strong partners...."

The park already has a dog walking area and Werres says the proposed dog park will be in the same area...

"....with the financial help, we're going to fence it in and have it be a dog and people play area. There will be an area for small dogs and and area for larg dogs. There might be a bike trail coming through there...so that would work out for them,too...".

The city is in the process of reviewing its parks and recreational opportunities to put together a master plan. The Rhinelander City Council will decide on the park proposal in February.

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