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Eagle River Looks At Homes With Lead Water Pipes


Lead water lines delivering water to homes came to public forefront with the situation in Flint, Michigan, and municipalities took notice, including Eagle River.

The city has identified 45 residences that still have lead water lines according to Light and Water Director  Pat Weber in a report to the city council this week.. Most of these are from Railroad Street east to Silver Lake Drive and Tamarack to Sheriden; there are no issues on the cities north and west sides.

Eagle River has a $300,000 grant that will be enough to remove and/or replace the lead water lines in all 45 homes but have to close the funding program by June 30th through public bidding and award. They will then have a three year period to eliminate the lead water lines. Commercial businesses are not covered under this program.

Eagle River has three municipal wells and received a $30,000 grant to search for well number four. Wells one and two are about 85 years old and can pump 650 gallons a minute on the west side of the city with well number three being 45 years old on the north side and can pump 900 gallons a minute. The search for a new well will be in the southeast city area which will greatly improve circulation, improve water quality, and improve fire protection.

The grant requires Eagle River provide a $10,000 match which the council approved, retaining M-S-A engineering to conduct the search.

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