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County Board Chair Asks For Close Safety Watch


Oneida County Board Chair David Hintz this week reminded fellow supervisors and county staff about the importance of safety in highway work zones. Hintz said there are more than 2,000 crashes in Wisconsin road work zones each year, some with fatal results.

Hintz reminded supervisors of a crash that hit close to home....

"....about 3 1/2 years ago we had a significant injury where the worker almost lost his life and is still suffering from that accident. It was a very significant accident...."

Hintz says Wisconsin now has a law prohibiting an increasing form of driver behavior....

"...it's illegal to drive on a hand-held mobile device while in a Wisconsin road work zone. So you can't be on your cell phone in a work zone. If it's hands-free, that's legal. But if you have it next to your ear you could be ticketed....."

Hintz reminded county staff to wear their safety glasses and other gear. He says he's driven by work zones and has seen workers without their required safety glasses, steel-toed shoes and safety vests. He says another crash with a snowmobile in the Sheriff's Department resulted in a long-term disability claim.

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