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Rep. Felzkowski Authors Bill To Lessen Concealed Carry Rules

Wikimedia Commons Lucio Eastman

A new bill would end the requirement that people get state permits before they can carry concealed weapons. Republican Representative Mary Felzkowski of Irma and Republican State Senator Dave Craig of Big Bend are asking colleagues to sign onto the measure, which would also keep the permit system for those who want to carry hidden weapons in other states where it's allowed..

. "....what we're seeing is a background check is already being done when you purchase your handgun. Over 300,000 people applied for concealed carry permits and we haven't had any bad altercations as a result of that. So we're taking it one step further with Constitutional rights...", said Felzkowski.

The bill preserves the right to carry guns in the open -- and Felzkowski says those carriers would no longer break the law just by putting a jacket on above their weapons.

The bill creates a "basic" permit that does not require handgun training but still demands background checks for the applicants. The bill would end the state's gun free school zones -- but schools could still put up signs banning weapons at their buildings and grounds, but a federal law for gun free school zones would continue.

Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling of LaCrosse said the gun lobby is pushing this legislation, saying gun violence in Wisconsin is a public health crisis. She says she didn't hear anyone clamoring to put more painkillers on the street to combat opioid abuse, so she questions why Republicans think more guns will make our communities safer. Shilling says allowing anyone to carry a loaded, concealed firearm in public without any safety training or a simple background check is irresponsible.

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