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Minocqua Town Treasurer Hours Under Review

Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

Minocqua town treasurer Laura Mendez is holding down two jobs – one of which is full time in the private sector. Now, town supervisors are asking if she’s adequately serving the people who put her in office.

At this week's town board meeting, town attorney Gregory Harrold said the board could not require her to spend specific hours at the town office. Supervisor Billy Fried says Mendez has done a commendable job over the years, but now worries about her the lack of daytime office hours:

“At this point, I don’t know if it’s been in the last six months or so we haven’t had a town treasurer that has held any regular office hours. Is that correct? .."

After hearing a yes” to that question and that Mendez receives a $19,000 annual salary and benefits package, Fried said the taxpayers may not be getting their money worth...

“A salary was established I think for what the taxpayers thought would be someone that would maybe put more time in here.”

Mendez was not at the meeting, but earlier said she’s not in the town office during the day. Instead, she says she’s there at about 4:15pm after her other job  is done and catches up on her treasurer’s duties at that time. But the board has heard that some of that workload has shifted to the town clerk and office staff.

Among remedies Harrold outlined, the board could ask the electors to make the post an appointed one, or create a combined clerk-treasurer post. The board then could set hours. The board wants Mendez to give a treasurers report at their next meeting, where they will likely press her about her work schedule.

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