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Vilas Co. Rejects "Bridge Loan" To Transit Commission

Kevin Boneske-StarJournalNow.com

A request for a short term $150,000 “bridge loan” to the Oneida Vilas Transit Commission was rejected by the Vilas County finnance committee last week.

Vilas County supervisor Erv Teichmiller, who chairs the Commission indicated a delayed  state application to the federal government has delayed about $300,000 and the  Commission will be out of money. He asked for the loan to be no longer than 120 days. Vilas supervisor Walt Maciag pointed out Oneida didn't want to co-sign a loan and supervisor Kim Simac felt private taxi service could fill the void while Vilas board chairman Ron DeBruyne felt the Commission was a partnership and now our other partner chose not to proceed. The committee voted 3-2 to reject a resolution to send to the full county board for the loan. 

Formed in 2015 by a joint resolution by the two counties ridership has grown to 36,273 through August and was  expected to approach 60,000 by the end of the year.

Last week Transit Director Jim Altenburg indicated the service would continue in a partial form until late October.

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