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Bewley Questions Lack Of Northern Input On UW Changes


A Northwoods legislator says the north was dealt out of the decision to merge the two-year state colleges and UW-Extension into the state's four-year campuses.

U-W System President Ray Cross announced the changes Wednesday.

State Senator Janet Bewley, whose district includes parts of Vilas, Iron and Price counties, says any discussion with local officials was simply ignored. She says the needs of the north take a step back to southern Wisconsin needs...

"....what we've been given is the end product without having any input into how this should be and if this is even the right solution...."

Bewley says the UW-Barron campus will merge with UW-Eau Claire, leaving an adjoining technical college campus on its own.

UW-Marathon County and UW-Wood County will be under the wing of UW-Stevens Point...

"...we now have the finished product, presented to us, without the participation of the people of the north, and without their very valued perspective on what it means to deliver education...."

Bewley says cuts like these will be in play for awhile to help offset the cost of the Foxconn deal in southern Wisconsin. UW-Madison would oversee the UW- Extension's Cooperative Education Services. Wisconsin Public Television and Radio would be brought under UW System Administration, as would the Business and Entrepreneurship Division, continuing education, outreach and UW Flexible Option programs.

Cross' plan goes to the November Board of Regents meeting, and if approved, would be implemented in 2018.

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