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Veterans Needed For OC Council-Help With National Holidays


A shortage of volunteers has led Oneida County Veterans Service Officer Tammy Walters to ask area veterans to step forward.

The Oneida County Veterans Council in Rhinelander consists of representatives from the American Legion, American Veterans, Disabled American Veterans, Marine Corps League, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the county Veterans Service Office.

Walters says the number of volunteers from the organizations has dwindled to an unworkable number...

"....long before I was here we had an Oneida County Veterans Council. It was usually attended by 6-9 people. We organize the Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies, took care of the Avenue of Flags with the help of the City of Rhinelander. At our recent meeting, we were down to three people. That's not very many people to do what we do....."

Walters says they were holding daytime meetings and decided to hold the next meeting in the evening to see if more veterans would join the meetings...

"....we decided it would be more beneficial if we had evening meetings as other interested veterans could join us for the meetings. so we have scheduled our first evening meeting for Tuesday, October 24 at 6:00 p.m. to have other area veterans come in and offer to help with those activities...."

Walters says with a large enough group there could be more activities than what they do now. The meeting will be at the Rhinelander Veterans Center at 1002 Coon Street, near Forest Home Cemetery. Walters says call her office at the courthouse for more information or email her.

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