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Oneida County Lands New Round Of Broadband Grants

Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

A 100-thousand dollar grant from the state will help expand broadband internet access to more parts of Oneida County.

The Oneida County Economic Development Corporation was notified by the Public Service Commission they will receive $100,000 of $218 thousand dollars requested to flesh out more fast internet to underserved areas. Development Corporation Executive Director Roger Luce says there was lots of competition for the money... 

"...The state had $22 million worth of applications for $7.5 million worth of awards. We feel very fortunate to have received the $100,000...."

Luce details how the money will be used... 

"....currently we had 14 towers and sites(projected).in the $218,000 grant application. The $100,000, we'll now have to sit down as a committee and work with Northwoods Connect and determine which 6 or 7 sites we will be able to do with that $100,000 plus the matching funds the towns and school districts and others have put forward...."

Luce says another round of broadband access grants will be available in July. Luce says Oneida County Economic Development Corporation has agreed to apply for the next round of grants with an eye toward completing the final number of towers it had planned.

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