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Lots Of Street Work This Summer And Likely Again Next Year


The City of Rhinelander will soon begin the process of fixing aging streets, and they're eyeing another big project just north of the downtown.

Public Works Director Tim Kingman told the city council this week they are looking at getting grants for the project . The projected cost: more than $17 million dollars....

"....basically from the downtown area where we left off a year ago and go out to the bypass. It is projected as a 17.7 million dollar effort that could take place in a single year. We have so much ahead of us to do on this but it is being tailored to being a 2019 project...."

Kingman says they're applying for the money to cover the cost of the project which will include sewer, utility, and street design. They're already working with Town and Country Engineering, the city's long-time engineering firm, to get the project rolling. Regarding this year's street work, Kingman said they are getting underway on several upgrades...

"...it will kick into gear here over the next month. One of the primary locations will be Thayer St., Eagle St. and Monico(St.), Then within the next month to Pelham, Arbutus, Kemp and Oneida areas. We have a big future here with street improvments this summer...."

The money for this year's projects comes, in part, from city PRAT funding, a local sales tax approved by voters.

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