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RDL Board Approves Reopening Carnegie Doors

Natalie Jablonski

A return to another time is coming to the Rhinelander District Library.

The Rhinelander District Library Board has approved a restoration of the former Carnegie entrance. Library Director Virginia Roberts says for a number of years they've had problems with the entrance off Stevens Street closing down for the winter due to engineering issues when the building was constructed...

"....what we have done is looked at were the building plans that were asked for in 2013. We have a series of sketches, really. It suggest opening the Carnegie doors. The board thought that was a good idea and they're looking to open the original Carnegie doors for the first time in 35 years..."

For people not familar with the library, it's the west side entrance facing Highway 17 or Stevens Street...

"...the original Carnegie doors have a mosaic under the arch and we're hoping to get them open at the end of the year...."

Roberts says they're talking to community groups to help with the project. They're also hoping to find a contractor for the project.

The library was founded in 1897. By 1902, library had become too small. An application was made to philanthropist Andrew Carnegie to get the funds for a new library. Carnegie said he would fund $12,500 on condition that the city appropriate 10 percent for annual support.

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