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Veterans Secretary Shares Thoughts On Memorial Day


It's Memorial Day, the traditional kickoff to the summer season, but a state Secretary hopes it's a day you take a moment to remember the ultimate sacrifices of the men and women in military service.

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Daniel Zimmerman says his focus is on the veterans that served, those who didn't make it back, and also on the families of those who served.

He is spending the Memorial Day weekend traveling Wisconsin and talking to veterans, families and the public about the meaning of Memorial Day... 

"....and I like to talk to them about making it matter. Making the service matter. Making the sacrifice matter. Unfortunately we lose some of our service members in wars and things like that. You can't bring them back, but we certainly can make their sacrifice matter...."

Zimmerman served in the U.S. Army for 25 years. He says he's known people who didn't come home... 

"....From my personal situation, Memorial Day I remember my friends, my comrades that I've lost. It gets me refocused again about making it matter. I remember them. I made it back, they didn't, and what can I do to make a difference for them...."

In 2017, Zimmerman was appointed Secretary by Governor Scott Walker. In that role, Zimmerman serves as the primary advocate for nearly 400,000 veterans residing in Wisconsin.

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