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Gov. Walker Says Controversial Ad Will Continue To Run

en.wikipedia.org Gage Skidmore

Governor Walker said today the controversial campaign ad which included footage at Three Lakes schools will finish its run this week and will not be taken down.

During a campaign swing through north central Wisconsin Friday, Walker said the ad will continue to conclusion...

"...The end of our ad cycle is at the end of this week, so we've run the full cycle on that one. The bottom line is we have a great story to tell. I've visited Three Lakes many times in the past and highlighted the work in the Fab Labs..."

Walker says the new ads will be about his agenda should he be reelected. He says his campaign office set up that particular session with Walker at the Three Lakes school...

"....The campaign set it up, the official office didn't set it up, I didn't talk to anybody, the campagn set it up, the people who do our political ads. We were straightforward about what our expectation was just as we do with evey other ad. We said it was an ad, not a public service announcement or anything else. This was an ad and we were pretty clear...."

A special school board meeting was held Thursday to discuss partisan political campaigning at the school and District Administrator George Karling apologized after complaints. People shown in the ad said they were unaware they would be part of the Walker campaign ad. A longer story on the meeting is found below on the website.  Information courtesy WJFW TV.

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