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Bewley Bill To End Tax Breaks For Leaving Corporations Passes Senate

Bewley For Senate

A bill authored by State Senator Janet Bewley(D-Delta) passed the State Senate this week which eliminates tax breaks for businesses that move jobs out of Wisconsin.

The Democrat from Ashland county says most people are surprised to see current law allowing companies to deduct Wisconsin income or franchise taxes paid to move their company out of Wisconsin and eliminate jobs.

She says she tried in 2011 whenshe was  in the Assembly to move a bill forward to eliminate this deduction, but majority Republicans would not sign onto the legislation.

She says that has changed...

"...So I tried it one more time, and indeed, I had a great deal of interest from Republicans. Who would have thought it. This is a time with a Democratic Governor that Republicans want to at least appear to be bipartisan. They have bills and they want Democrats to sign on...."

Bewley says in this session Republicans see the need to add Democrats as sponsors because it possibly gives them more protection from the veto pen of Democratic Governor Tony Evers. With former Republican Governor Scott Walker in the Executive Residence, majority Republicans saw no need to look for Democratic help.

Bewley says she doesn't have an inkling what the Republican-controlled Assembly will do, but if it passes there, she thinks Governor Evers is sure to sign it.

She says it's amazing that Wisconsin would reward companies for moving jobs out of state.

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