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Voter Registration Books To Be Checked This Summer


MADISON, WI (WSAU) -- The Wisconsin Elections Commission is ready to do its bi-annual checkup of voter registrations statewide.

"This is our way of making sure that the rolls are accurate," said Reid Magney with the WEC. "Which of course helps maintain the integrity of our elections in Wisconsin."

The process is required by state law. Once every two years, Clerks must notify anyone that hasn't cast a ballot in an election for the previous four years that their registration is in danger of being deactivated. Magney says more often than not those who receive the postcard fall into one of two categories- either they have moved or they have died. "The postcard doesn't forward, so if the letter carrier can't deliver it, it should go back to the clerk as undeliverable," Magney says if that happens the person will be removed from the polls after July 31st. But, if your information is still accurate you can take action to keep your name on the books. "Just sign the postcard and return it to the Clerk. That will tell them that you want to remain registered." 

Magney adds that in some cases you may need to take further action as well, such as if your name or address has changed. In those cases, you will need to re-register compleatly either at the Clerk's office, online at www.myvote.wi.gov, or at the polls on election day.

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