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Citizen Action of Wisconsin Sounds Alarm On Repeal of ACA

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The advocacy group Citizen Action of Wisconsin is hoping to focus public attention on a court case that could eliminate health coverage for up to two million Wisconsin residents.

While Congress has failed to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, a case in Texas federal court could eliminate the entire Act.

Executive Director Robert Kraig details the issue saying people with pre-existing conditions no longer having guarantees of insurance coverage...

"...According to estimates, anywhere from 850,000 to 2.4 million people in Wisconsin, and of course, the 2.4 million people are vulnerable because they have a pre-existing condition that could be deemed grounds for denying coverage if you had no affordable care act. It would also allow price discrimination again, it would also allow rescision. It would find a way to throw people off coverage after they get sick...."

Kraig says if the court tosses out the Affordable Care Act, it's likely to go to the U.S. Supreme Court. Under the former Walker Administration, the state joined with Texas in an effort to eliminate what's known as Obamacare.

With the change to a Democrat administration in Madison, the state withdrew from the case. Kraig is urging lawmakers to codify the ACA’s consumer protections and health insurance regulations in state law to protect Wisconsinites in the event of a U.S. Supreme Court decision not in favor of the act.

Kraig says Citizen Action is also urging state lawmakers to create a plan, triggered by an adverse court decision striking down the ACA, to replace the marketplace plans for people who buy insurance on their own and the federal subsidies that make them more affordable.

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