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Consumer Advocate Says Scammers Are Out In Force Again

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The scammers are back in force according to the latest report from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Division of Consumer Protection Director Michelle Reinen talks about the top number of complaints in June...

"...Social Security Administration imposter scam, the fake utility scam were fake utility companies or scammers are calling you demanding you pay for a delinquent bill. The tech support scam where fake Microsoft and Apple companies call and say your computer has a virus and they can help you with that."

Reinen says caller ID is no longer reliable...

"The scammers spoof the caller ID, make it look like it's coming from the source of the call. You need to disregard that. Know that government and large companies start any process with a phone call. They might return a phone call if you called them, but they don't begin the process with a phone call and demand payment..."

Reinen says ask for the name and Identification of the person calling and then hang up. She says contact the agency or business on your own to discuss the call. She says agencies and businesses don't use phone calls in this manner. She says reporting the call to authorities is helpful.

More information is on the the DATCP website. We have a link here.

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